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This photo shows the completed coop in its winter home.  It is just across the creek from the house, and more importantly, in the shelter of the woods.  The climate is different as you leave the woods heading toward the barn, which you can see in the background.  It is not that far away but the snow is deeeeeeeeeeeep and the wind is fierce.  This way, we will not have to traverse the arctic to tend the chickens.  Actually, I don't know who the "we" is since Wendy seldom cares for the chickens in the winter. 

Months go by and we now have eggs.  It is spring, so the next step is raising chickens for meat.  I really donít know how it all started, but somehow, we learned about Mike Carrol and Donna Jenny and their pastured poultry.  They raise broilers in pens in a pasture without any growth hormones or chemicals.  After seeing their operation, we decide to have Mike and Donna purchase a few extra chicks for us to raise.  We got 15.

These are Cornish Cross and they grow fast.  In days, they had feathers.