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Things went reasonably well with the broilers until they were put outside on the "pasture".
The idea of pastured poulty is to keep the birds in a cage which is moved every day to give them access to fresh grass and insects.  The cage I built is very heavy and not much fun to move.  The photo above shows them on the grass by the barn.  It takes good pasture for the birds to get all the required nutrients and we do not have good pasture.  The birds were small and some had tendons that did not form correctly so they had a hard time walking.  They tasted good though so we got 25 more, as much for me to prove that I can raise chickens, as to get more meat.  We decided to put then in the back yard though where the grass is better.  This meant moving the coop.
Here they are in the back yard.  Usually broilers are butchered at 8 weeks, since our first batch was small, we let these go to 10 weeks and ended up with turkeys.  They dressed out at 7 to 8 pounds.
Seeing that photo of moving the chicken cage with the tractor reminds me of another winter project.  The tractor did not have a loader when I bought it.  I found one though.