Well, 2004 has begun and with it a new twist in my model railroad hobby.  I have been bitten by the "brass bug" and am now collecting HO scale models of locomotives by Overland.  They are  expensive, but very nicely detailed and quite prototypically correct.

The barn is progressing.  This photo shows the completed doors.  It was taken in early January during the warm spell so there is no snow.  Note the unstained upper door.
This winter, I  bugged the Cayuga County 911 office to give me a house number for the barn since it has its own driveway.  The address is 5538 Booth Road.
As the days began to get longer, I realized just how much the neighbor's pine trees shade the yard.  I offered to cut them all down and plant some sort of low shrub hedge.  Sandy agreed to the plan so I started the deforestation in early May.  I forgot to take a "before" photo, but this one shows the work in the early stages.
Here are the stumps................
And the resulting brush pile.
It will make a very nice bonfire this winter.

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