I'm not sure that I ever finished the web pages for 2010 but decided to create ones for 2011.
In mid January, my VW Golf acted up and I learned that the transmission was to blame.  The VW was 10 years old and had 172k miles so I decided it was not worth putting a new transmission it it. My new car is a 2010 blue Prius. Given the price of gasoline, I'm glad that I have the most fuel efficient vehicle available.

The title of this chapter is Rabbits.  In truth the rabbit thing started in July 2010 when Zach, Renee, Kelsy, and I went to get the new goats.  On our trip back, we stopped at a store selling animals carved from logs so Renee could purchase one for her new log home.  The  store owner asked about the cage in the truck and as fate would have it, he too used to raise goats and chickens.  He also raised rabbits for meat.  The idea of meat rabbits stuck with Zach and I so when we went to the state fair in September, we checked out the rabbits.  A very nice woman suggested we come back for the annual rabbit show in October.  We did and walked in just as the Californian rabbits were being judged.  The breeder that won the most was from..... Newfield....... of all places.  So Zach and I payed him a visit to learn about his operation.  We then spent the winter building rabbit cages and buying supplies.  In March, we bought a breeding pair.

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