This is how we have spent 2002. It all started when Wendy and I decided to purchase the land next door. I had met the owner when he was having the timber harvested and mentioned that I might be interested in buying the land to prevent someone building a house in our backyard. A few months later I ran into him at Agway and asked if he was interested. He was, and we set a time to walk the boundary lines. Shortly after that, we settled on a price and found a surveyor. The survey took months since the parcel had been divided and the boundary was not clear. Finally after months and months, money traded hands, and the land was ours. Another neighbor then shows up wondering if we would sell some of the land for a house. Of course the answer is no. So, here is a view of some of the property.
The land is well drained, has a small stream, and some huge rocks. It is difficult to access the land from our house though. There is a gorge and creek between us and the land.
The real problem isn't access for Wendy and I since we could simply walk along the road. What we don't want is the cats following us on the road. Cats and traffic create flat cats. Ok, what cats? These two cats.
Don't they look well behaved? Don't believe it, devil kittys destroy things like carpet and furniture. The gray one is Lady Gray, the black one is Caterpillar (Cat for short). Wendy had Lady Gray long before she met me. Caterpillar was my birthday present from Wendy in 1999. Speaking of Wendy,.......
More photos of the new land

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