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This year, I had expected to complete the addition to the house, but managed to create additional projects.I burned myself out with the house addition so I wrapped the sheathing with plastic and sealed it up for the winter. Since the first floor was sealed, I had no access all winter which was fine with me. The basement though was accessible so I insulated the basement walls, outfitted the root cellar, and kind of organized the storage. By the time spring arrived, I had a new project in mind. With the rise in energy prices, it seemed that we should install photovoltaic panels. This project has a life of its own so it has its own web pages at PVs

Around the end of April, I decided to see what the addition looked like.  I cut a hole and looked through.
This worked out well, but the bucket was pretty small as you can see from this view of the finished hole.
And this is what I saw, I know not very exciting, but that is a good thing.