We have been very fortunate to enlisted some exceptional boys (ok, young men now) to help us accomplish projects around the house.  They have become more than just weekend help, and I consider each and every one of them friends.  This year's chapter is dedicated to them.  Working with them has been enlightening, fulfilling, and quite honestly, enjoyable.  This is my humble way of thanking them.  I'm convinced they have taught me as much as I have taught them.  They have given me a glimpse of the challenges of growing up in todays world.  They have gotten me interested in sports and while I will never understand "competition", I do understand the joy they derive from it.  So, here they are in order of the amount of time we have spent together.
Matt Parsons (Groton 1)
Matt is a senior in Groton HS and has worked for us since the summer of 2005.  He was a tri-captain of the varsity soccer team this fall; they finished the year 6-9 but lost in the first game of the sectionals. He is now a starting guard on the varsity basketball team; they won the championship in the OíHeron Tournament in Cortland.  Matt attended the American Legionís Boys State in June and was elected assemblyman. He aced the trigonometry regents last spring and has applied to SUNY Geneseo where he plans to work towards a math teaching certificate.
Bryan Murray (white jersey 77)
Byran is also a senior in Groton HS and has worked for us since the summer of 2006.  He was recruited by Matt.  Bryan attended the American Legionís Boys State in June. He was a tri-captain of the varsity football team this fall; they finished the season 8-1.  Bryan is currently in the TST BOCES New Visions Agricultural and Environmental Science program at Cornell.  He has applied to the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Greg Murray (white jersey 45)
Greg is sophomore in Groton HS.  He started working for us in the spring of 2007.  He plays varsity football and JV basketball.  He is curious, quick witted, determined and has better luck with animal husbandry than his brother.
Kyle Yunger (blue jersey)
Kyle has only been working for a few months.  He too was recruited by Matt and is also a senior in Groton.  He was the goalkeeper for the soccer team and is now playing varsity basketball. 
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Tim Parsons
Tim is at a sophomore level in college and the class of  Ď08 at TC3.   He plays menís soccer at TC3.  The team had a 12-6-1 record and played in the final four in the region III tournament.   He was not able to spend much time at work this summer since he managed to break both arms near the growth plates within three months.  He has applied to transfer to SUNY Brockport for the fall of 2008 where he expects to play soccer and study computer science